pacin’ jason

i got the day off of construction duty so i called jason to see if he wanted a hand motorpacing for a couple hours. i rode over to his place and had a double shot of espresso before we got out to training. jason has raced for a bunch of pro teams including discovery, jelly belly, healthnet and now csc. despite the fact that he routinely shows everyone to the pain cave on a regular basis, he is amazingly chill and humble. it is a job. you show up, you ride like your supposed to and you get paid. getting a chance to see the working class side of being a pro cyclist is very eye opening. iowa is a good place to live as a pro. the weather is hard, the roads are long and quiet. the living is cheap and you can still find good espresso and healthy food. we rode out north and found some gravel which was a little sketchy on the scooter but once we hit the chip seal, we rolled for about 2 hours at 30 miles per hour. some of the rollers southwest of town got up to 50 mph on the downhills. super smooth and efficient on the bike. adding on a little sugarbottom road loop before splitting up and i headed back into iowa city to leave jason to ride a little more to cool down. i think the best part of jason’s set up was his old zefal hpx pump strapped to the top tube of his cervelo. now if only someone would make a carbon bike with a pump peg……..


2 Responses to “pacin’ jason”

  1. joel Says:

    hahahaah the hpx is AWESOME.

  2. International Relations « Ira Ryan Cycles Says:

    […] rider and 2 time USA olympic team rider Jason McCartney a month or so ago, he wrote about it here.  Ira and Jason are old friends and today in the New York Times they did a great article about […]

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