everything is getting back to normal as the waters slowly recede back into the banks of the rivers. the floods look like a snake swallowing a beach ball. following the water downstream to the mississippi, the bulk of the excess water spills over every town in the flood plain. not being near the river bank has made my awareness of the disaster a little less acute. the work on the house seems slow since we are laying out the tops of the concrete foundation for the framing which we should be able to start next week. i have spent too little time on my bike. i feel tan and slow. talking to rachel, who is ready for the cascade creampuff next weekend, i fear feeling like a big pile of crap to ride to minneapolis in 2 weeks. working nine or ten hours everyday doing manual labor is hard and it’s hard to find the energy to do anything but brush my teeth and sleep. i plan to take a couple days and do some volunteer time at the iowa city bike library fixing up some bikes. also planning on stopping by to see tom teesdale to say hi. years ago, i had tom build my first handmade road racing frame. tig welded  of columbus EL over sized with a long top tube and painted orange. i am sorry to say that frame has long since gone but tom still builds great frames. nothing fancy but he has built bikes for years for a bunch of big name companies.

besides those mild adventures, i will be busy constructing my folks house.

for what it’s worth, i miss portland and my daily riding/coffee/frame building routine.



One Response to “hot-n-humid”

  1. ricke Says:

    good to here you are doing good Ira!
    i quit my job finally and took one in Molalla. 4 days a week 60+ miles round trip, 3 days off, no stress, drama, ect. life is good!

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