we’re all DOOMED!

so i turned into the framebuilding correspondent for the great flood of 2008 in eastern iowa. i haven’t had time to write my own account of the occurrence because if all the activity with the house building but g. steve pickle put together a good account of the flooded experience. water is still in good supply with our own well on the farm along with the fresh veggies and some nice goats if times get really desperate. the house is high on the hill away from any large flood plain. there is still one road to and from town but it is pointless to go to iowa city for anything other than basic supplies. i can’t help but point out the dependence on the world outside the nation’s breadbasket for survival. we can’t even feed ourselves with what we (iowans) grow. at the same time, it is impossible to not feel connected to and insignificant compared to mother nature.  in the end, ride your bike, grow some food, share your community and maybe build a raft to save the world or maybe just your ass. 

2 Responses to “we’re all DOOMED!”

  1. joel Says:

    crazy. i was guessing that what with iowa going all waterworld, the ryan homestead was probably a pretty darn good place to be. somehow, your family just seems like the build-well-above-the-high-water-mark type. glad to hear everyones still safe, if a bit soggy.

  2. d.p. Says:

    Ira you’ve been gone too long. We don’t grow food anymore we grow commodities for gas’nhaul, git’n us some energy independence. Ya want food, haul your butt into Casey’s for a Mountain Dew and twinkies.

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