two great things……….

that go great together. 


so i made it iowa after a long train ride and being picked up in minneapolis by pickle and cody. spent a couple hours touring a couple bike shops in the twin cities before heading south to the great flooded state of iowa. stopped by one on one bike shop to see gene before heading to cars are coffins for coffee and visited hiawatha cyclery to see a nice little shop with an ant bike on the floor.

driving back to iowa saw a lot of flooding before we were detoured around waterloo because of bridge closure. this was days before the cedar river peaked and caused the 500 year flood in cedar rapids down river. personally, i gotta wonder if this is mother nature’s way of shaking up the etha-sketch to clean the slate. the water is super high and i am glad that the parents are building the new place on a hill. every bridge across the cedar river is closed and there is talk of the water treatment plant being shut down because the power plant is under water. people of iowa city (downstream from cedar rapids and waterloo) are kind of frantic and bracing themselves for the flooding.

meanwhile back at the ranch……

the foundation for the house is all poured and we are working hard to make sure the piles of soaked back fill dirt don’t collapse into the foundation. i have been up until midnight for the last 2 nights digging ditches to prevent water from running into the foundation. i will never complain about how hard my work is again. we are looking good to finish the work on the house on time but the heavy rain doesn’t make the work easy at all.

oh, i rode into iowa city yesterday morning to do a couple hours of volunteer work at the bike library to fix up two hybrid bikes to check out for people in need of a bike for commuting.


13 Responses to “two great things……….”

  1. ari Says:

    All that rain on top of all the snow we got in the winter. I cannot believe the amount of moisture we received. I hope the weather calms down for a while.
    Be safe out there.

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