first ride!

the clock is ticking and i am getting ready to go to iowa for almost a month and help my parents build their new house. i have gone back and forth in my head about this a lot in the last month but decided to go back and drive  some nails into the place that they will call home until their time is up. i am already beating myself up for taking the time away from the shop and all the bike that i have to build. i can only hope that everyone out there who may be reading this will understand. i will be checking in with email but might be a couple days behind in returning them to everyone.

rachel picked up her tour’in bike today and i was about to snap this picture on our ride along willamette blvd. back from my shop in st john’s. in other news, i bought a little lathe last week and am excited to get it up and running to make miscellaneous little parts for racks, stems and braze ons. it is a little craftsman 80 from the 1940’s. also, i got a small batch of hats from caroline but have yet to take some pictures to put up on the in-tar-nets yet. they are black with white printing and a couple have white stripes along the cap. they are the best quality hats i have every worn and i have to say that caroline does a bang up job with a serger and a sewing machine.

tomorrow i pick up jeff’s frame and fork and will ship it off this week. i also will be picking up a rack to go back to reno, nevada. i promise to take more pictures when i am able to ride and also when i am in the shop. i have been meaning to compile a build sequence of photos so you could see the step by step process that i use to make a bike from tube to finished machine. maybe the road to hell is paved with good intentions…..

meeting up with clara from btr in the next couple days to hear about her recent trip to rwanda for bikes to rwanda to start stocking the bike shop with tools and parts to take the btr mission to the next step. we have a meeting this week to discuss the next steps and meet new board members. i wish i had more time to devote to this work but it is hard to fit it all in. i encourage everyone to check out the bikes to rwanda website and donate to help not only send cargo bikes to the coffee farmers but also build bike shops so they can fix bikes that would otherwise just be left behind with a simple flat tire.



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