summer rains

it seems like i haven’t posted any pictures from the shop or of any bikes for quite a while. i have been trying to stay on target with the bikes i promised to have done before i leave for iowa in june. i have doug’s bike back from paint and ready to build up and should have jake and jeff’s bikes ready to head to paint by the end of day on tuesday. doug’s rando bike has a large bag support on the front and a small fender mounted support on the rear. the final build will have a light mount on the fender just below the bag support to fit a euro styled dynamo powered light. chris king headset, gilles berthoud fenders and all the trimmings when it is complete. also on the block before june is finishing up kevin’s fixed gear with polished lugs. pictures of the frame with headset and stem are here.

rachel is gearing up for the creampuff mountain bike race and has been riding more than me in preparation. i finished her touring bike to be able to ship it to iowa for a brief visit in july. ricky’s bike is all ready for paint too and it is super light for a big 60cm frame. 1168 grams to be exact. fillet brazed, sloping top tube, bare bones road bike with a alpha q fork. exciting to build bikes to be raced. it is nice to know there are a few racier bikes coming through the building cue too although my heart is all about the mellow pace of touring and commuting everyday. it doesn’t mean that i am not excited about jason racing in the giro or the tour in july or even my own designs on some more racing this summer. (after i get bikes done of course)

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  1. Sean Says:

    Now that is just plain cool!

  2. Darren P Says:


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