back to our regular schedule…….

for any regular reader of these posts, i am not sure what to say other than there goes any chance of i have for running for political office.

photo by brian verner.

i spent last weekend in Hell A for 2 rapha rides that we are dong for a long term project. long, hot days with temps in the mid 90’s and about 8000 feet of climbing was super tough. in general, i don’t really like LA and the car centric culture but it is good to know some good rides outside of the city. it takes hours to escape the cement city but once we were out past all the suburbs and masses of people, the scenery opened up and climbed up the side of the san gabriel mountains for about 20 miles. the sun baked on our backs as we slowly made our way to the sky. the road wound in on itself and every massive switchback we made our way around showed us the miles of ribbon that we just completed. like the photos you see of the great tours where the roads cascade down the mountainside toward the valley floor, we slowly climbed up to about 7000 feet as the road turned to a narrow path strewn with sharp rocks fallen from above. the road was closed to traffic due to the shape of the road and we rode alone without a single car for about 4 hours. out of water and dry, we stopped to fill up at a mountain spring near the top. all the climbing translated to a thirty mile downhill with speeds holding around 35 to 45 miles per hour. imagining obree in his tight aero tuck with his head and hands tight against his chest to squeeze the last drop of wind cheating position out of the ride. somewhere ben and i hit 48 mph. down past mt. wilson and down the angeles crest hwy. to pasadena. 95 miles with around 8000 feet of climbing total.

the next day we rode out of santa barbara up gibraltar road that is famous for being a training ride that armstrong did back in the day. the road rises sharply out of town with 7% grade at the base. climbing for about 8 miles up to the top of the ridge took it out of all of us with 12-13% grades for the last couple miles. i think the total elevation is around 3900 feet. with the ocean blow us, we made our way north to painted cave road and back down the hill to eat tacos and head back home.

getting back to portland really makes me appreciate this beautiful place where people are aware of the world outside the american centric bubble. people grow gardens, ride bikes and participate in the world to make it a better place for the generations to come after we are all dead and gone.

meanwhile back at the shop………….

i finished up rick’s road frame, took it across the street to weight it on the postal scale. 3.13 pound steel, 61cm fillet brazed frame. carbon fork and dura ace kit should yield a pretty light road bike. looking forward to getting it done. jake’s cross/ commuter bike with polished lugs should go to paint this next week and i am looking to finish one more bike before i leave for iowa.

One Response to “back to our regular schedule…….”

  1. the mostly reverend Says:

    hey! bring back the OTHER blogger guy–THAT was great stuff.

    and don’t worry, ira; you’ve got my vote. i mailed it in already.

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