Ira’s Life In Pictures

Pickle here again, Ira is still off living the life so I thought I would take another blog post of your time to share some photos I have of Ira through the ages, from scared farm kid with a nice hat

to qualified and competent bicycle mechanic

to confidant drinker and disturber of sound sleepers the night before RAGBRAI would start.

There was the motorcycle phase

and the painted toenail phase

and of course the riding in a dress with good friends phase.

Ira possesses a keen mind and was a regular at the special RAGBRAI afternoon guest lectures facilitated by the orphanage in the early nineties which introduced him to such topics as PBP winning made easy by Scott Dickson, how to get out of jail free (and stay out!) without really trying by Kim West and effective pancake bolting in any weather by Dog Bait.

Like any quality cyclist he moved to Tucson, AZ to get all fit and tan and try to

be a pro bike racer but he found more inner peace in his volunteer work chalking inspirational, if at times cryptic, messages on criterium courses.

He already knew a nice pro who seemed to have the situation under control.

What to make of this?

Or this?

Ira has always been a good friend and looking back over these pictures I am glad that he has found his true life’s passion in bikes and I can look forward to many more years of happy riding and touring with him.

Unless he gets that job as an astronaut which he has been training for at the laundromat.


One Response to “Ira’s Life In Pictures”

  1. joel Says:

    man, he is going to rue the day he gave you the password, pickle… 🙂 i look forward to the next post of incriminating evidence, and hope it causes me to laugh as hysterically as this one did.

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