We Have Assumed Control

Howdy folks, its yer friendly guest blogger Pickle here.  I got to thinking, Ira does not update his blog enough for my liking so I asked him for his password and he gave it to me and here we go, a fresh post!

Once I entered the seedy inner workings of his blog I was immediately stunned to see that he gets way more traffic than I do over at my little web page.  Like 3 times as much!  His most views in a day is seven times mine.  After I post a few times for him maybe he will see a decline in readers.

So I talked with Ira, busy man that he is, earlier today and he told me he is in California to do some Rapha riding.  Some sort of 105 mile ride tomorrow and then a 150 on Saturday somewhere around Santa Barbara I think.  He said he gets to sleep on a couch and the rides are going to be hot, like Sahara desert hot.  Pretty glamorous stuff!

The big news that reportedly got Ira more excited than the 10 lane California interstate he was travelling on was from the Giro where old friend Jason McCartney made the break and in his typical fashion went for it all with 10k to go.  His first attack was reeled in and the counter attack stuck.  Jason tried to heroically bridge to the leaders but did not make it.  A super strong and solid ride and while he was unsuccessful we were pretty jazzed that a guy from the Iowa City group ride is attacking the break to try and win Giro stages.

photo by Graham Watson, linked here from www.velonews.com


One Response to “We Have Assumed Control”

  1. ira ryan Says:

    thanks for the blog update pickle. i promise to resume control and post frame building news when i return on monday.

    hearts to the people.

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