head down. barreling forward trying to get work done and keep my head above the water. i listen to a lot of npr at the shop and it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket sometimes but every time i hear about oil hitting another record i know it is going to mean that more people will ride bikes. big oil companies are posting record profits and the average american drivers are paying for it. will suburbia crumble after we hit peak oil? will the (oil based) fabric of american society be torn apart? will i be able to afford to have tubing shipped across the country in a ups van? will we be able to afford a loaf of bread? all these questions brim to the top of my head as i head off to the shop to finish jake and rick martin’s bike. jakes bike has polished top tube and downtube lugs and is set up to be a commuter and light touring rig. ricky is getting a light and simple road racing bike. he is planning a campaign on the furnace creek 508 in june. the stem is for ari’s porteur bike in chicago. 120mm with one degree rise from horizontal with a 26.0 clamp. powdercoat silver or white to match.

keep putting one foot in front of the other and listen to the world around me shift to more bikes, gardens and awareness.


2 Responses to “revolution?”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Wha’s zat ya say? I couldna’ herd ya from all tha gol-durn sand in my ears.

    Ah best git back ta me telly set an goggle all dem wat wit dem short pants!

    -American Ostrich

  2. Josh Gipper Says:

    Amen Ira.

    Keep up the awesome work getting people out of those death machines and onto human powered freedom.

    I agree, NPR has been a bummer this week.

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