trans iowa weekend

otis’ disc cross bike.

in “honor” of the trans iowa race that is taking place this weekend, i decided to ride 300k in oregon instead of the 300 miles on gravel in iowa. i am more than happy with my choice to skip the epic gravel race this year. i think the promotion could be better and it is hard to justify that much pain for the glory and a couple water bottles and t shirts.

the brevet series in portland is great. good people, great routes and wonderful organization. the idea of being at your own pace all day without the pressures of racing is ideal for most people. waking up at 4am on saturday to get a ride out to forest grove for a 6 am start is a little rough but they had doughnuts, coffee, granola bars and smiles all ready for us. watched the sunrise as we rode out hwy. 6 towards the first control. the group of 60 or so quickly spreads out and everyone finds their own pace. lot’s of fenders, lights and big seat bags. i felt super sleek with a tiny seat bag and everything for a 13 hour ride stuffed in my jersey pockets. rachel, dan sharp and i all ended up rolling the same pace all the way to the coast. the sun came out and shined on our backs all the way to the ocean. a tail wind to the sea meant that there would be a headwind all the way back. i kept hoping it would shift but it never did.

i reminded myself what time is was in iowa throughout the day to imagine what was happening on some quiet gravel road somewhere in the midwest at the same time.

we were making good time and getting tired as we turned back in from the coast towards the roads south of forest grove. the route back was the reach the beech route reversed taking us through grand ronde, willimina, sheridan, amity, dayton and lafayette before turning north. the headwind never let up along the flat straight road east.

we finished in 12 and a half hours and waited for dan sharp to roll in before we could drive back to portland. sore backs, necks and swollen feet but all in all we had a blast riding from dawn to dusk in the oregon coastal mountains.

today i am headed into the shop to continue working on jake’s commuter bike with polished lugs. hoping to start ricky’s road bike and maybe jeff’s commuter bike. believe it or not i kind of want to ride today but i think 186 miles in one day is enough to warrant a rest/shop day.


One Response to “trans iowa weekend”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    In my results book you are still the undisputed king of Iowa and aint nobody who rode 240 miles gonna change that!

    Nice long ride with friends, my friend. Looking forward to some of that when you get back here this summer.

    Other important news, one of your hats rode to a top 20 finish in the cat 5 Ol Cap Crit today!

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