a little more extensive report about our trip and future thoughts on mountain biking and maybe a little racing.

we flew into salt lake city and picked up the big white pickup loaded with gear for a weekend of camping in the wild west. since we flew with our bikes, we drove to the wild rose bike shop in salt lake to assemble them before we hit the road for our 5 hour drive to fruita. wild rose is a great little shop and patrick helped us out with a couple tools and stashing the bike boxes for the trip back. the drive was long and when we got to fruita, most of the good camp spots were taken. we opted for a tiny state park and looked froward to the riding the next day. the sun was bright and in the sky by the time we were on the road to the kokapelli trail head the next morning. we kind of got lost and ended up on a super technical trail called moore fun. we ended up doing a lot of hiking but i managed to clean a couple sections on my rigid bike in the presence of some full suspension dudes. that felt good. it’s the throttle, not the model. that afternoon we drove up to 18 road to explore some of the trails and found it to be buttery smooth single track in every direction. fast riding with plenty of places for air and technical climbs and decents. after riding for about 5 hours friday, we headed up to colorado monument to camp. beautiful camp on the top of the mountain. the wind picked up that night and kept us awake late. not wanting to deal with the wind or setting up/tearing down our big dome tent, we headed towards town the next day to find a spot that would work better for camping. we met up with dr. doom, jon bailey, mellisa and a couple other colorado friends from telluride at the hot tomato pizza shop at noon for a beer. we drove up to 18 road and had a rad time riding with a group. for the record, jon, doom and thad can rip it up on some single speeds! super fun. the wind blew hard all day and into the night. we had a little fire and even got out for a evening ride under the full moon. the camp was a little busy as i think a lot of people had the same idea to get to fruita the week before the fat tire festival to maximize the riding before the masses moved in.

sunday morning we all mobilized to make breakfast at jen and anne’s house before they took us on a ride in grand junction down the road about 10 miles. we amassed at the trail head with 13 people! the greatest thing about this group was the fact that 7 of the riders were women and they were really good too. we rode up to the ribbon trail where a couple of us split off the head back. riding in a big group can be a little frustrating at times and rachel and i just wanted to get some time in riding. we said our goodbyes to everyone and headed back to our tent which was flattened by the wind. tired and dirty from no showers and riding for 3 days in a row, we packed up the truck and headed back towards salt lake. we made it to ogden by midnight and showered before sleeping in a real bed. ahhhh. monday we rode the shoreline trail in the morning for a couple hours before we had to box up our bikes, ship them back to portland and make our flight in the evening. we made everything on time and got back to portland and the rain by midnight.

i love traveling and riding in new places but the time it takes to decompress and get back to life and business is hard too. i am happy to be back at work and have plenty to do in the next couple months. this trip really makes me want to mountain bike more this year and maybe even do a 24 hour race or two if i can find the time. we will see……..


2 Responses to “dirt!”

  1. ricke Says:

    24 hours! hell yea! looks like you two had a blast! i rode out there back in 94′ 95′- (worlds) and 96′. fun times!

  2. jenny z Says:

    hey you two..we are missing you in fruita. Hope your travels have been safe and be sure to keep intouch and come visit!!!!

    cheers jen and anne!

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