zippity do da

a brief post to say i am back to my life in portland and the shop. rachel and i took 4 days to go mountain biking in fruita, colorado. if you have never been to fruita and love to mountain bike, you have to visit this mecca of cycling. we camped and rode every day. the trails went off in every direction and rolled like ribbons over the hills. super flowing single track that begged for more daylight to ride. we met up with jon bailey and dr. doom from durango and rode in grand junction for a day. riding a rigid mountain bike requires a little more finesse but it was worth it for the looks people give you when you clean a section of technical trail passing a rider with a full suspension bike. i will say that i want disc brakes though. colorado is a beautiful place to ride.

4 Responses to “zippity do da”

  1. bikeiowa Says:


    Nice to hear you had a good trip Ira.

  2. ari Says:

    Sounds like lots of fun. Been busy at the shop. Trans Iowa this Saturday and I am ready.

  3. ira ryan Says:

    ari, best of luck to you in the trans iowa. eat lots of food, bring some music if you can and go from the gun.

  4. Andre Says:

    the magic of the front fender on the mountain bike cannot be denied. I would put it up there with discs for ‘niceness’ at least for around here in portland for 8 months of the year.

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