gone fishin’

just finished jerdan’s heavy duty cycle touring bike today just about an hour and a half before he came to pick it up and sweep it away to a new life of adventure. i can safely say this is one of the finest bicycles i have made to date. to be able to make a bike for someone as enthusiastic about bicycles as jerdan has been a super fun process. his idea for a bike started with the desire to be able to tour off road on some of the great hidden roads in the cascades. the lugs are custom filleted to give the profile a smoother look and add a little strength to the forces of fully loaded touring offroad. using dedacciai cromoly tubing all round to maintain a truly classic style to the bike. jerdan supplied most of the parts including the vintage 6 speed 600 freewheel, the old school shimano cantis and the sugino crankset. beefy phil wood wheels and 700 x 32 tires are going to hold up well. stainless tubus racks, brooks b-17 and nitto noodle bars are all new bits and built to last.

i have been building more than a few rando bikes that are mainly suited for roads and light loads so it is nice to construct a bicycle that is made for the long haul with all the trimmings for weight and gear. this bike has a distinct rugged feel to it. think of it as the brutish lumberjack cousin to the rando bike with skinny fenders and a handlebar bag. needless to say, i had a good day handing off this beautiful machine to a great friend and cyclist.

tomorrow rachel and i are off to fruita, colorado for 4 days to ride mountain bikes and camp. i am very excited to make my first pilgrimage to the rocky mountain state to ride some great singletrack. looking forward to seeing some new scenery and meet some new people. i will be away from email, phones and civilisation for a couple days.

shred on!


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