dirty thoughts

for a couple weeks now rachel and i have been trying to ride mountain bikes a little more to break up the monotony of road rides and pavement. rachel is training for the cascade creampuff in june and is trying to spend as much time in the saddle of her mountain bike in preparation for the 10 or so hours it will take to ride the coarse in the cascade range near oakridge oregon. at first i wasn’t inspired to ride my bike as it felt slow and lacked that smooth, silky line that i have come to know and love in the winter training rides. just 5 minutes from my shop door is forest park where i sometimes ride on my way home from work. in general, the park is lackluster for mountain biking as you aren’t allowed to ride the trails that are reserved for pedestrian use only but for a muddy, rocky commute home that lasts an hour and a half it is rad. with lights and a backpack full of work clothes, i roll up to the park for some night riding action. it has revived my love for the mountain bike in a big way. i am planning a couple long mountain bike weekends this summer and a couple mountain bike races if i get all my work done those weeks. last weekend we rode out to scappose to some trails that are pretty short and muddy but fun none the less. the ride out was about 15 miles of road riding with a healthy climb just to get to the trails. short and steep with a ton of slimy mud made a lot of sections unrideable but after an hour or so we left and climbed up to skyline where we rode the soft shoulder all the way to the first trail head into forest park. all the mountain biking in the park is either up or down a fire road meaning that you are using the full spectrum of gearing just to get to the other side of the park. it rained off and on the whole ride and by the time we made it to forest park, we were covered in mud and my “old school” brakes were less than great against the rims. just a note that i am ready to join the 21st century of braking technology and want a bike with discs. although, i am holding fast that i still prefer a rigid fork. even after having to spend an hour cleaning my muddy mess post ride, i can’t wait to do it again. the thought of a epic summer adventure with hours of wilderness around you and the idea that you are powering your self along a sweeping singletrack on the tip of a mountain is too good to ignore.

shred on!

3 Responses to “dirty thoughts”

  1. Sean Says:

    Sounds like a good time. And yes, discs are a good thing. I don’t ever see myself on a disc free mountain bike ever again.

  2. DG Says:

    What, no drum brakes? While perhaps not quite as stong as discs and admittedly heavier, they are the ultimate in low maintainence and weather resistance.

    Sturmey makes a nice front drum, rear drums are an issue though.

    Dirt is good, happy trails.

  3. Ari Says:

    That’s what makes a good cyclist. So many riders out there focus on just being on the road or just in the trails. A real cyclist will observe every aspect of the discipline. Todays Pros are very focused in comparison to the old guys. Merckx for example rode classics, tours, fall classics, six day races, track, cyclocross.
    Whatever you do just keep spinning.

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