whats missing?

the sweet zip 404’s that are gonna be on this bike when track season starts. i dropped by zak’s gym session to get a couple shots of the bike all built up and ready to race. the 404’s in flat black are going to make this bike look mean for sure. thankfully zak’s shoulder is healing well too so he should be able to ride in the first races of the season.

things have been good and busy around the shop. trying to maintain a steady work load to keep bikes headed out the door. looking to finish building up rick and jerdan’s bikes this week and start getting some parts for matt’s bike too. dropped off otis’s cross bike with discs this week and looking forward to seeing it in champagne paint in a couple weeks. kevin’s polished fixed gear is slated to get a coat of white and have a good start on jake’s polished commuter/ light tourer a couple days ago.

i am happy with the bikes that have been coming out of ira ryan cycles lately and look forward to refining and polishing my work.


One Response to “whats missing?”

  1. Ari Says:

    Seems like you have been putting out a lot of work. Stop being so hard on yourself.

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