fresh paint

i picked up 3 frames at coat on wednesday. needless to say, they look super hott. poncho has worked with powder for 7 years at spectrum and i think the experience shows for sure. both of the green bikes are powder and you can see all the lug lines perfectly. for the durability and environmentally friendliness, i think i will start to use powder more often. the quality is there. matt hall’s road bike is liquid and sticks out amid the green rando styled bikes. it seems fashionable to paint bicycles with subtle colors currently but it is refreshing to see a little color on matt’s bike. we both agreed that the bike will be soooo euro. personally, i think it crosses the line to babies room a little too much but when you add the parts, it takes the color down a little. needless to say i think the slant six lugs on a bike create a machine that is modern in style and still pays homage to the classic designs of the bicycle. jerdan’s touring bike turned out great and the smooth lines on the lug profiles give his bike a classy french look. still waiting to add the 32mm tires and black b-17 saddle. stay tuned. next up to bat is kevin’s fixie with polished lugs, jake’s cross commuter also with polished lugs, rob’s ultra-light fixie and otis’ disc cross bike that is at paint now.

on the riding side of things, i have only been able to get out for a couple hours this week and i feel it for sure.


2 Responses to “fresh paint”

  1. ari Says:

    We finally came out of the ice age at the shop and have been going gangbusters. Have to work a lot and keep our customers happy. Commuting seems to be the only solution for now. Nice, nice, beautiful work coming out of you frame shop,


  2. fubarbicycleproducts Says:

    Very cool blog and good reading! Good Job!

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