livin the dream.

tour de headlands.

some of the most beautiful scenery and riding i have ever done.

it’s true that bicycles have taken me to places school never could.



5 Responses to “livin the dream.”

  1. travis Says:

    Those pictures make me wish it was warmer then 20 degrees here and that there where actual climbs, not just rollers… I have been ridding centuries on my trainer about every weekend though, ha, ha, that is epic. Please keep posting pictures from your rides it helps chase the winter blues away.

  2. Ari Says:

    America is beautiful. Let’s keep riding bikes so we don’t F it up anymore.

  3. Tyler Says:

    looks very nice ! any map of the route?

  4. bikeiowa Says:

    Oh Ira, you’re so dreamy

  5. ricke Says:

    dammit! i was gonna say that! ^

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