so it rained all day in portland and i got to the shop at 8 am to get a jump on the day. spent all day polishing lugs on a fixed gear bike for kevin and finishing up otis’s disc cross bike for paint. drank a bunch of tea and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch at the shop to try and save some money. it adds up when you spend $6 a day for lunch and coffee. at 6 o’clock joel called me to tell me that our house had been broken into, again! we were robbed a couple months ago resulting in cait’s laptop and digital camera being stolen along with joel’s new digital camera too. this time they broke in through my window and stole cait’s computer and ipod (again!), joel’s camera (again!) and $200 i had to pay my paint bill on friday. i was in shock for about an hour and then i just felt violated and angry. in the end, i am glad that everything i have is inexpensive to the non-cyclist’s eye. i have my bikes, my health and my business so life goes on but there is nothing worst than a thief.

friday is a new day and i will finish a bike to send to paint. i promise that the next post will be cheerier.


14 Responses to “arggggggggg!”

  1. Ari Says:

    I hope the thieves get caught and that the money is not used for drugs. A bad way to screw up their lives. You will make that stuff up. Be safe, you have a ton of people behind you.

  2. Darrell Says:


    I am so sorry to hear that. I have a barky lovable dog I can loan you – he is a good deterrent. Seriously, Ari has it right – you have a support system.


  3. Tyler Says:

    sorry to hear that, I got robbed last fall — guy stole my laptop, my girlfriend’s laptop, my ipod, and my camera. Really sucked. Thing I do now to try to avoid it is hide my stuff — stick my laptop in a clothing drawer or under the pillow. I Anything to make it less easy for the thief. I have also considered getting a gun safe for the electronics.

  4. ari Says:

    Best is not to have all these things. IRa’s approach of more is less is the way to go. The issue in hand is someone invading your home, your safe haven. Our economy and problems will instigate people to do irrational things like this.

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    i, too, am in “the choir of the sorry.”
    i, too, agree [with ira and g pickle and others] that the “less is more” mentality may ultimately be the solution to many of our ailments. but, sadly, that will neither return your stolen items nor deter future violations.
    i also agree that big dogs might. i have three, and although these lovable monsters are friendly to friends, they really intimidate the hell out of strangers.
    and they’re much more lovable than the typical insurance agent.

  6. Ari Says:

    Big Dogs= Cool
    Loose Big Dogs when riding in fields = Not Cool

  7. David Says:

    Yes, I believe a dog would be one of the best deterents you have available to you. The right dog can be incredibly loyal and protective of his home and family (you).

  8. bikeiowa Says:

    Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your cash in your shorts, sugar

  9. ari Says:

    True fact of life. Must keep valuables safe, specially when you work and sweat so much for the dough. I would love to trust my fellow citizen but I can’t. That really sucks.

  10. The Limey Says:

    Dude, I am truely pissed off for you, joel and caitlyn. You guys are awsome. I am in complete agrement with the reverend about the dog or dogs. thanks again for putting me and debra up. I look forward to our next ride up saltzman. We I am in town next time. love from london!

  11. The Limey Says:

    I’m late for work and I can’t spell.

  12. otis Says:

    Grrrrr….so lame. Sorry to hear about this Ira. Glad to hear your positive attitude, and hopefully the pleasures of the shop will override the sting of this.

    Looking forward to the paint choosing process with you. I’ll bring some good beer!

  13. steph Says:

    at least the things they stole are replaceable. my sister’s house in chi was burgled earlier tonight, she interrupted the heist. luckily the kids’ weren’t home and they only got away with a camcorder and some jewelrey…very non-essential items. but the feeling of violation is definitely a huge deal. sorry to hear about your ordeals with the same, sad that thieves seem to be everywhere these days. glad you seem to be doing well otherwise. i’ve lurked a bit on the site and thought i should at least say hello again. hope all is well with you, disregarding the unfortunate bit of recent thievery.

  14. jerome Says:

    peace that is the world !
    We still have to believe in human kind, the world can be changed we are the living proof of that, we will do it one bike at a time, money doesn’t really matter as long we can ride, eat and stay happy and healthy physically and mentally.
    I am glad to live in Provence where painters get their inspiration, arts, sciences for everybody are others ways to make it better.
    Those thieves were not artists, scientists, athletes or riders. They are the by products of an industrial society reaching its term.


    a Freenchy

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