touring bikes!

this is the bike i just picked up for rachel at coat. all winter i have wanted to build myself a new touring bike but can’t afford the time to another bike for myself so when rachel said she wanted a touring bike instead of a road bike, i used the chance to channel all the energy i would have used to make my bike into hers. it paid off in spades! this bike has sooo much style it hurts. hearts carved in most the lugs and a stainless crown. the idea was asymmetry. the lugs are carved to swoop to one side or another and the fork crown is different on both sides. the balance is good though. the plan is to build it up with a simple and classy touring set up. 36 hole touring wheels, old stock 110 bcd cranks, racks and bags and drop bars with bar end shifters. classic, functional and good to tour around the midwest on this summer.

on the way home from the shop yesterday, i ran into wendy on her ira ryan commuter that i showed at the oregon hand-built show in november. the bike looks better with dirt on it and some commuter miles under the wheels. the best part is the bags that she had on her bike. the first ever queen bee bike panniers made as one offs for wendy’s bike. they look great and seem to be really well designed and built. if the response is good enough she will make more or maybe see about adding it to the product line. hmmmmm?


3 Responses to “touring bikes!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Oh, man! That’s great! I’m feeling the same way about wanting a touring bike rather than a road bike – I may hit you up, Ira! And – those panniers are incredible!

  2. stevek Says:

    Ira, your frames get prettier every day! I love the stylized heart and lug points.

  3. Wendy Says:

    Haha. I cleaned her up just last weekend. I was feeling negligent, and had forgotten that all her parts are *silver*.

    I’m assuming you saw the write up about the bike and bags on bikeportland, yes?

    Thanks, Ira!

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