all boxed up with someplace to go.

little rock arkansas to be specific. the price of oil hit $104 per barrel and it shows when i go to ship 40 pounds of bicycle across the country. it is well worth it though. this is the best i have made so far. rando bike with a lot of time put into the front end design to work with a bag and weight. features include front rack with light mount and intergrated wiring, son front hub with lumatec headlight, TA cranks, gilles berthoud stainless fenders and front bag. custom bag mount to rack, 700 x 30 gran boies tires on handmade wheels that ride like a dream. the bike handles super fine and will be predictable all night and into the sunset. i am excited to hear about where this bike goes and the adventures it will have. i didn’t weight it cause i don’t really care. i would put it at 26 pounds with the bag, fenders and light.

enjoy gilstrap!


6 Responses to “all boxed up with someplace to go.”

  1. montreal dave Says:

    Super genial! Soignee comme un velo de frere Herse…

    Chapeau Ira!

  2. bikeiowa Says:

    I’ll be down in Arkansas soon, mayhap I will see that beauty rolling around.

    good work Ira, your West Branch Rave Scene roots are showing with statements like

    “predictable all night and into the sunset”

    That’s trippy like a touring bike, dude

  3. Craig Says:

    Nice bike Ira! Very nice!!

  4. Rick Says:

    Very sweet, I am envious (but not for long)! I like the slap guard. And no dust caps on the cranks, very 70’s!

  5. gilstrap Says:

    Awesome looking steed. I can’t wait to put it through its paces. And don’t worry Ira, I will enjoy it.

    Thanks a bunch, by the way. The whole process has been a great experience.


  6. Ari Says:

    Another quality bicycle Made In the USA. Ira, You make us proud.

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