road race one.

i have been slacking in the blog updating department and i apologize for keeping everyone in the dark with regards to happenings in the shop lately. i have noticed that a number of builders have experienced a hard time getting back to the grind after the show. maybe it is the winter. i have been getting a lot of work done in the shop but it never seems to be as much as i want to get done at the end of the day. finished up rick’s rando machine with match lugs from pacenti and i think it looks hott. i took this last sunday off to race.

so i met daniel, nate and patrick at the ace coffee shop this morning at 6:30 to ride out to my first road race of the year. coffee and chit chat was had and we all rode up to the max to take the train out to hillsboro where we would get off and ride to the race from there. it was cold and foggy as we clipped in and rolled southwest towards hagg lake. we were going to be tight for time before the start and patrick got a flat but advised us to continue on without him to make the race on time. we got there to find a long line waiting to register. pre race prep including dressing down to account for the faster pace and more warmth and pinning each other up. the race started about 15 minutes late and soon we were cruising along at 22 mph. the race is 44 miles long on the 11 mile loop around the lake. a fair amount of climbing and descending causing a lot of yoyoing in the pack. it seemed like only a couple people were willing to work and looking for the early season upgrade points but the majority of the field was happy to just sit in and keep the pace at 23 mph. by the time we started the 3rd lap, i was feeling good and warmed up but the rest of the group was getting a little tired and couple guys bounced off each other. a little sketchy as the pace picked up for the final couple miles. no one ever gets away for the solo victory in the banana belt races and the idea of a pack of 3’s sprinting downhill for 25th place is foolish. i am not afraid to say that i will race for training but i am not going to break my neck in the process. rachel and mackenzie rode out to the race and after the finish, we all rode back to portland. it is the gratifying feeling to ride to and from the race under your own power. i felt high from the race pace and the weather was fantastic and sunny. we cruised all the way back to town with daniel and i feeling great after the race. truly a great day on the bike.


5 Responses to “road race one.”

  1. Rick Says:

    Ooooh yeahh! That’s what I’m talking’ about!

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    check out the pictures on flickr too.

  3. montreal dave Says:

    Sweet, Ira!

    The riding and racing makes me apple green with jealously, but very optimistic, and looking forward to a month or so a from now. Ah well, off to watch last years ronde v v perched on the kreitlers.

    Stay rad.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Ira, it was nice riding out with you. Perhap next week I’ll have better luck. I fixed the flat in record time only to find out my changer cable had jumped track inside the shifter. I was stuck in my 12 which was fine for chasing back up to you guys, not so good for racing.

    Thanks for the advice: “Pick it up, Drop it off”

  5. Andre P Says:

    What route did you guys take to get out there? I was considering riding out to the race this Sunday.

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