signs of spring

we have had a solid week of sunshine and warmer weather in portland causing every cyclist i have seen for the last week to have a dopey grin on their faces as we pass on the road. the sun on your shoulders and the lack of hiss of wet pavement under your tires is a welcome sign of spring and the change of seasons. this past winter has been particularly hard without the sun for longer than normal stretches and the temperatures lower the normal so the sunshine and buds on the trees are very exciting. in general, i try to remember what it is like in the summer when i am motivating to ride to the shop in the rain. now i can live in the world that i have been trying to recall since last september. spring brings green shoots of flowers pushing up in the front yard, seeing more than 3 people show up for rides on the weekends and the phone ringing for people wondering how soon their bikes will be done. understandably i can see why everyone wants their bikes to enjoy the season and i am in the same boat. i find balance with rides in the mornings and work in the shop in the afternoons. i end up working a lot of nights and on the weekends when i can crank up the music and get a chunk of work done without interruptions from the phone and people. i have also been doing a fair amount of spring cleaning and reorganizing around the shop. one of the minor goals for this year is to refine my shop a little to really present my bikes in the best way. simple and tidy and clean. opening up the doors and getting a little indirect sunshine into the shop is a great feeling in a shop that rarely gets above 55 degrees.

things on the horizon- looking forward to the first banana belt race next weekend but not getting crushed by all the sprinters who have been sitting on the trainers watching their wattage all winter. i am ready to reevaluate the idea of upgrading to a cat. 2 this season. time will tell. the parts for gilstrap’s rando bike are on their way and i am looking forward to seeing this beauty of a machine come together and get some miles on it. have a few bikes that are waiting to head off to paint including a “team issue” track frame for zak and a couple rando and touring bikes. personally, i am looking forward to doing some touring and a little more racing this year. and of course, build some bikes.



5 Responses to “signs of spring”

  1. ari Says:

    Today we were so happy that it hit 32 degrees. We were in full winter mode but the sun is getting stronger and we saw some thawing out in the fields. We were so happy to come home with 52 miles in the pocket. Keep doing well and I really wish you a great season of work and riding.


  2. bikeiowa Says:

    Ira! I URGE you in the biggest letters possible and with explicit punctuation to resist a cat2 upgrade!!!!!

    Just focus on winning every cat 3 race you do and you will be much happier, wealthier and respectable-ier!!!

  3. iraryanbicycles Says:

    as i just finished a 11 hour work day yesterday, didn’t get as much done as i wanted, didn’t ride beyond my commute and think to myself how boring the cat 2 lifestyle is, i will be happy to “race” in the 3’s all year. i like beer and cookies too much to upgrade.


  4. bikeiowa Says:

    See that Ira, you have just proven that you are too smart to be a cat 2.


  5. Ari Says:

    4 more inches of snow tonight. Tomorrow I am commuting 52 miles to the shop. If you don’t hear from me anymore I will be buried in a snowbank.
    So long,

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