“hey kid, nice hat. where can i get one?”

spent a couple days in california preriding the tour of california course and watching the prologue. after the handmade show last week, i needed a little weekend trip to decompress and ride. the emails and phone calls are picking up with the feedback from the show and i am trying to keep up.

i have worked in bike shops and raced bikes for about 13 years now and have been to a number of bigger races and even had a couple chances to ride with some amazingly fast pros but the madness surrounding the tour of california was overwhelming and cool to say the least. jeremy dunn, cole and i walked around for hours visiting with old friends and checking out the race. just a couple of the highlights were running into jay henderson, who i used to race with in Iowa city, looking for Jason McCartney, meeting radio freddy from belgian knee warmers and meeting the real radio freddy who has been a soigneur for some of the greatest cyclists including andy hamsten, paulo bettini and tom boonen.

the machines were cool but hard to really get behind the crazy light carbon bikes that aren’t meant to be raced more than a few times. i would love to see a couple steel work horses out there but i doubt it will ever happen.

today is all about doing taxes and preparing for tuesday back to work early. looking to finish rick’s frame and get a solid start on otis’ and kevin’s bikes.



10 Responses to ““hey kid, nice hat. where can i get one?””

  1. bikeiowa Says:


    Apparently he really is 41, eh?

  2. Ari Says:

    I would love to see Cipo on an Ira Ryan Frame. Hey, he used to rip it up on Steel. Carbon is so disposible. I have worked on all of them and none of them has impressed me. Slipping posts, creak creak creak and always that fear of if you lay down the beast it might have a secret crack that you can’t see.
    Pros will be back on alloys sooner or later. It is all a big circle.

  3. Caroliner Says:

    No f’ing way. Is that as close to Cipollini as I’ll ever get?

    Oh, well. I’ll take it!

  4. ricke Says:

    that’s frickin sweet!

  5. stephenwolf Says:

    I worked for rock racing for 2 days and the only photos i see of me are installing computers on a scott tt (theyre sponsored by de rosa) so that it would be heavier to meet the weight requirement and handing cipo 2 aa batteries for his powder blue razor, which didnt end up working because he blew out the motor.

  6. Darren P Says:

    I was there for the prologue and Stage 1. Rock Racing doesn’t. The stomach flu started with Team Jelly Belly. David Z. was nice, and David Millar was super nice.

  7. jeremy dunn Says:

    which kevin? do i know him?
    how’s it going buddy?

  8. littlepackage Says:

    No! You MUST get the Cipollini photo back up. Tears. Must, must, must. Please. Double hearts. Cipollini!!!!

  9. Internet Banking Says:

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  10. Little Package (@littlepackage) Says:

    Must. Put. Cipo. Photo. Back. In. This. Post!

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