can i be any more caffinated?

count how many times i say “um.”


13 Responses to “can i be any more caffinated?”

  1. Scott Mizée Says:

    Nice interview, Ira. I hope to see your shop in person one of these days. We’ve waived at each other a couple of times when passing on Willamette. I’m interesting in finding out more about Bikes to Rwanda also.

  2. sTrawBerRy Says:

    sorry about getting you all wired buddy.

  3. iraryanbicycles Says:

    it wouldn’t be a portland bike show if i weren’t wired and tiny’s makes a mean americano.

  4. ricke Says:


  5. Michael P. Says:

    tiny’s makes a mean americano

    too true. my fondest memory of grad school is seemingly having the perpetual shakes from tiny’s coffee.

  6. bikeiowa Says:

    I thought the interview was great Ira, and especially when you said “doo-doo”

    Poop humor continues at IRC!

    Get yerself a commuter mug, my friend. Disposable to go cups are for SUV drivers.

  7. Craig Says:

    Nice interview Ira.

  8. John Says:

    that was great ira!

  9. idiotic Says:

    love the bike, what kind of bars are those? great interview too. I didn’t know sacha did apprenticeships?

  10. the mostly reverend Says:

    you look pretty damned grown-up in a shirt and tie.
    i’m sure your mother gulped when she saw it: “my little ira…”

  11. Caroliner Says:

    “So, um, yeah, I dunno,” is sooooo familiar for some reason…

    Anyway, your eloquent turn of phrase easily makes up for all the “ums.” And you look swell.

  12. gilstrap Says:

    At least you didn’t “jabber”…

    Good interview. My family really enjoyed it.

    How about some new pictures of that sweet green rando with the internal light cabling you’ve been working on?


  13. Kevin E Says:

    Nice video Ira.

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