sean kelly

“I was fierce hungry,” laughed Kelly as he was asked the difference between his generation and today’s young stars. “I came from a farming background. I had to get up early in the cold and wet and go out and milk cows.

“When I was in a line-out in the gutter in a race in Belgium or somewhere like that in the early days, I just had to think about going back to the farm and i found myself hanging on that little bit longer.

4 Responses to “sean kelly”

  1. d.p. Says:


  2. chicken curry Says:

    now there was a real bike racer.

  3. bikeiowa Says:

    I met a guy, or “bloke” as you might have called him, at interbike one year who’s claim to fame was that as an up and coming racer he had been invited to the house of Kelly and while there he had crapped in Sean’s toilet. Career highlight right there for that guy.

    Shitchya indeed!

  4. Ari Says:

    Sean Kelly battling with Sean Yates on St Patricks Hill in the Nissan Classic. That was some hard core racing.

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