i am still reeling from the show and all the happenings over the last weekend. i really intended to get out and see more of the show but to be honest it was just really overwhelming by the time i got there, set up and started talking to everyone, i was pooped. i had a really good time talking to so many great people and felt like i got a lot of really good response from the booth and the bikes i brought to the show. my style is simple and clean compared to a lot of bikes i saw at the show. i told a number of people that i don’t build “show” bikes and i felt ok with it. i have a hard time seeing how anyone at the show could narrow down the “best bike” in any class. there were a ton of city bikes and commuter bikes on the floor which i think really says a lot about where custom bikes are going ang how they are being used. it gives me faith for humanity when i see bikes like these being built and ridden.

i talked to a number of builders and people about the Bikes to Rwanda project and general bike advocacy in Portland and around the country. i think that Portland has a lot to offer in regards to the bike culture that we have but i also see pockets of cyclists all over the world doing things to make cycling a more viable and accessible way to live in other cities like Chicago, Tucson and the east coast. i heard a bucnh of people mention how much they wanted to move to Portland to live in this little cycling utopia we have here but it seems to me that if everyone is picking up and relocating to Portland, who will make all the other cities livable and rideable for cycling? i encouraged people to make efforts where they live to make the world a better place one peddle stroke at a time.

today i slept in and had a casual breakfast before i head into the shop to survey the mess that i created when i dumped all my stuff last night. i am glad that the show was in town this year and i didn’t have to travel or transport my stuff. i am looking forward to a quiet day of npr and coffee in the shop with a fresh head full of ideas and inspiration for bikes in the works. i told so many folks that my waiting list is 9 months that i have to get crackin on the orders i have now to stay on top of the work.

i updated the website last week too. it still has a couple little things that need to be polished out but it is up and running so please check it out and enjoy. like everything, it is a work in progress.


7 Responses to “whew!”

  1. Sean Says:

    I was really glad to have made it down to the show. You were pretty well mobbed the couple of times I wandered past your booth. I would have liked to make it into Weir’s too but there just wasn’t enough time.

  2. Darren P Says:

    Ditto on the you were mobbed part. Most of the builders were pretty occupied. Sorry I didn’t get talk to you. The bike porn was great, but I think I’d be happy dating a few of the winners or maybe keeping them as mistresses for awhile and marrying something with more longetivity. By far the Oregon and Portland brands shined but did it amount to fashion? Some yes, some no. On the whole, though, I felt very proud of Portland for turning out as builders, lookers, and buyers. You can’t argue with a crushing crowd particularly if the phone or e-mail keep flowing with order$.

  3. Ari Says:

    Good to see you did well. Midwest area is frozen and we are hoping for a warmup. I tried riding on Sunday but it was 10 below with 40mph winds.

  4. Cody G. Says:

    Congrats on surviving another show with class, Ira. When Pickle told me there was lots of advocacy talk at NAHBS this year, I got really excited until I remembered… uh, yeah, it’s Portland. We’ll stay put and fight the fight here.

    While PDX is a bike mecca in the US, I think Copenhagen and Venice still have everybody else beat in terms of the dominance of cyclists & peds. Oh, the carfree dream…

    Big hug to you!

  5. Jono Says:

    Glad to see you at NAHBS, great job!

  6. Eric Says:

    Hi Ira,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at NAHBS. Loved seeing the bikes in person. Beautiful! Can we see more building process pics? Keep up the great work!

  7. Eric Says:

    “Can we see more building process pics?”


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