now back to our regularly scheduled program……………

so before you all get to thinking that is is over and summer is just around the corner, here are a couple shots from my commute to the shop the last couple days.

the route to work was snowy and slushy.

outside the shop.

the winter riding kit kept me dry and warm all the way to work.

the show bikes are all done with a couple days to spare and i am kinda stressed about the show. on one hand i am looking forward to seeing people but on the other hand, i am expecting to be horse and tired of standing for 3 days straight. i feel good about my bikes and think that the show is too much about the bling factor where i think that it is important for me to bring what is a good representation of what i do. building simple, classic and functional bikes that are meant to be ridden everyday regardless of weather or season. polished bits of stainless steel don’t  make a bike ride better or last longer.  i think the show being in portland (arguably the epicenter of the modern city bike revival) will be amazing since the trend to make city and commuter bikes has really taken off in the last couple years. i can’t wait to see all the droves of commuters streaming in wearing yellow burley rainjackets and carrying their ortleib commuting panniers. a far cry from san jose last year where i counted about 15 people riding bikes in the city all weekend. i only hope the convention center has enough bike parking.


5 Responses to “now back to our regularly scheduled program……………”

  1. fxdwhl Says:

    Wear a respirator with that hazmat suit? 😉

    I agree with the bling factor; why spend a couple grand for a sunny day only bike? The biggest show of respect for a bike is to ride the shit out of it day and night.

  2. jruss Says:

    Your frames are strikingly beautiful because they are simple. I agree – the frames that you show at NAHBS should be a good representation of what you build – not what you build just for the show.

  3. ari from Chicago Says:

    Almost 12″ of snow in Sycamore, IL. I counted 27 cars/suvs/trucks in the Ditch on my 2 hour drive home from the shop. Tomorrow is my day off and I am busting out the 29er. Rubber is great in the slush!!
    all the best,

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    good lord! i didn’t think the big change would happen until AFTER the election!!! man, i’ve gotta sit back down and re-read this thing.

    change, change, change…

  5. Todd Boulanger Says:

    Hi Ira,

    Good to see your beautiful frame sets at the show.

    You called it – you were right – when you worried that the convention center would not have enough bike parking! Saturday was sunny warm and the sidewalks packed and stacked with bikes (perhaps a 50% bike mode split to the event) . I am not sure why the event managers did not provide inside bike parking in Portland or like Interbike, Probike, and other events have done?

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