winter rock block!

so about 2 years ago, i found a cd player in a free box in my neighborhood and took it to the shop and it has served me well and played many hours of music over the course of many frames but alas, nothing lasts forever. lately it has been getting harder and harder to get anything to play. total fonzie move with the taps and play button pushing but it just got ridiculous at the end. across the street from the shop is a little record shop called the vinyl resting place that sometimes sells old stereos along with tons of vintage albums. i found this gem there and bought it for $75. i had the cd player and hooked it all up and it is super loud. classic analog and rock solid technology. there is something about stereo equipment from an era when you could tells it’s quality by the weight. 30lbs or receiver is a good deal. 

as far as music in the shop, just a sample of the tunes this week. black sabbath, common, deee lite, metallica’s kill em all, andrew bird, pixies, lots of le tigre, tom wait’s rain dogs, dangermouse and jay z’s grey album, violent femmes, billie holiday, electric magnolia company, nina simone, mano chao, stevie wonder, sun volt, led zepplin and a lot of npr.


5 Responses to “winter rock block!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    You must be making a lot of sales?
    Piling up a good income for yourself?


    rock on

  2. ari from Chicago Says:

    Manu Chao’s album titled Radiolina is excellent. Let me know if you don’t have it.

  3. snarkypants Says:

    danger mouse mixed with stevie wonder kills.

  4. chicken curry Says:

    in my player of late- detroit cobras “life, love and leaving”, yeah yeah yeahs “fever to tell”, loop “a gilded eternity”.

  5. ari from Chicago Says:

    Post holiday season is a good time to hit the thrift stores. Found lots of good wool sweaters.

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