Hi Ian!

the midwinter attitude is kickin my ass. cold and rainy almost every day. seems like everyone i talk to is going through some shit in their lives but all i want to do is huddle up with my bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning and head to the shop to keep the metal hot with the torch all day. the sun has come out a coupe times over the last week and every time it does, i am eager to get out and soak it up a little bit. the show is 31 days away and i feel like everything is gonna be fine. simple booth idea cause i make bicycles not trade show booths. i am looking forward to seeing some other builders that i haven’t seen since last year. mike flannigan from ANT has a couple really nice bikes that have shown up on the in-tar-net that i am looking forward to seeing in person. my predictions for the show are that city bikes and touring bikes will be a rising trend and that it will be attended by a lot more people riding to the show than in San Jose. expect to see a fair amount of yellow commuter jackets walking around with ortleib cycle panniers in hand. judging by the lack of talk on the frame-builders list serve, everyone is in the sprint to finish their bikes for the show. a bit eerie how quiet it has been lately but i think it’ll translate to a really good show in a month.

i am trying to just keep going with orders as i prepare for the show. i always seem to have a couple rando bikes in the works but i am gonna be starting a couple fixie commuters in the next month with stainless steel lugs and some trick features. stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Hi Ian!”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hi Ira, its been too long

  2. ari from Chicago Says:

    Good luck at the Show. You make us proud!

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