i don’t really get into the idea of new year resolutions but i do have a couple things i would like to accomplish in the next year. i would like to do a little more racing and maybe work a little tour into the mix. ever since i took a couple days to tour out to the coast with g. pickle and cody when they came out to visit, i am hooked on the bicycle tour. so gratifying to see the world roll by from the seat of a bicycle under your own power. you can go anywhere in the world. as the rain and cold set in and we start the long haul trough the depths of winter in Portland, the idea of riding in the summertime keeps me focused on building and a little riding. if you ask me, touring bikes are the new fixed gears.

i would also like to travel to another country this year. i received my passport a couple months ago and now i am itching to use it to watch some of the great European races. we will see how this works out as the tickets are spendy and no one ever got rich building bicycle frames.

in more recent news, i am in full tilt to finish a couple bikes for the handmade show in February. i am not yet in full panic mode but i can feel it getting closer every day. i am glad that i don’t have to get on a plane or rent a car to get to the show this year but i think the stakes are much higher now that we are the home team.

all i can say is if you are thinking about getting a bike from me, i have a feeling the wait list will be longer after February.


4 Responses to “resolutions?”

  1. Ari Says:

    I understand the long waiting lists. What do you think about Vanilla’s 5 year list and Richard Sachs’ 6 year list. Does this induce such waiting lists to make a shop bigger, hire more welders? I remember small builders like Bontrager, Klein that became bought out by the big man. Could you comment on this? I am very curious.

  2. MtMann Says:

    Yes! Welcome back to the touring bike. can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking – I sure liked what I saw at the local show. Have you thought of shellacing the cork grips? Check out the Bridgestone t700 I spiffed up for my wife – pics on my flickr link.

  3. MtMann Says:

    whoops – link should work now. Sorry.

  4. Paul Says:

    Jasper to Banff in September?

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