you know you need to replace your tires when………

you get three flats in the course of a short prework ride and a commute home. doh! i have had the best of luck with the conti 4 season tires all summer but when they go, boy do they go. the tread had enough little cuts in it to make it spongy and soft and less resistant to deflecting glass and shoulder debris. fortunately it only rained on my once during my flat changing fun. i managed to un-weight the rear wheel long enough on my way home to make it to my front door just as the rim kissed the pavement. the typical tire that i prefer in the winter is more in the touring tire line of things and corners like a brick but rarely flat. i will be re-shoding my training wheels with some shwalbe stelvios with kevlar belts in em for the rainy rides in on hwy 30. performance during the rainy season takes a back seat to flat protection for sure.

hoping to finish the show bike so i can send it off to paint before i leave for a long Christmas weekend. very excited about the show as it is the largest it has ever been. i think something like 130 exhibitors selling out the convention center. only a couple booth spaces left from what i hear. it is all a little overwhelming as a one man show. i guess the artist is always the harshest critic but it seems so crazy leading up to the big weekend of standing and talking to hundreds of people. more than anything i am looking forward to seeing other builders and what they created. super inspiring to be surrounded with such gifted crafts people.


6 Responses to “you know you need to replace your tires when………”

  1. aaron Says:

    He’s 79 and rides very conservatively, but my friend’s dad got, and this is no lie, 18,000 miles out of a set of Conti tires. (!)

    He figured it was time to replace them when the wear in the tires rendered the calibration on his computer inaccurate. So hardcore!

    Thought you might enjoy this crazy story…

  2. Jewels Says:

    Wait, are you really sending my bike off for paint before you leave? Tomorrow? I’m not ready! We need to discuss~

  3. Eric Says:

    Hi Ira,

    I can’t wait to go to the show. Your one of the reasons I’m going. Good luck getting ready and I look forward to meeting you……and hopefully giving you a deposit:)

  4. ari from Chicago Says:

    Former Euro-Pro Robert Millar used to stick a tubular under his clincher tire instead of a tube.
    According to Millar this kept him from having to change a flat and also the extra weight helped in training.

  5. the mostly reverend Says:

    is your friend scott dickson’s love child? ask him if his dad PAID for those tires, or won them at a race in the early 80s.
    it’s gotta be more accurate than dna.

    by the way, happy holidays, ira, g pickle and all!

  6. brian (islay) Says:

    try a pair of schwalbe ultremos – layer of vectran under that smooth rubber

    no punctures in over a year, and that’s on islay’s roads (what’s left of some of them:-)

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