show bikes

so i think December has to be the hardest month to be productive through the whole year. i managed to build a couple bikes, finish a couple racks to ship out before the holidays really hit and even got a chance to ride a little. found a good article in American craft magazine called port to port about Portland Maine and Portland Oregon and the blossoming craft communities in each city.


7 Responses to “show bikes”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Love the snowy bike shot Ira! Makes me think you are here, but I know it is not so. Sigh…

  2. Adam Alpern Says:

    So, how’s my rack coming? I’d appreciate an update.

  3. bikeiowa Says:

    I’ll handle this Ira!

    Hey Adam, you ordered a custom crafted rack, not a 6″ meatball sub on white. Let Ira work and display some patience.

    Even if you already have.

    Thanks for your business.

  4. Ari Says:

    I didn’t want to butt in but I am with BikeIowa. Blackburn and Jandd racks readily available at the famous TREK STORE.
    from Chicago.

  5. Adam Alpern Says:

    Thank you so much for your sage wisdom.

    I wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t think a gentle nudge was entirely appropriate at this point.

  6. travis Says:

    You could simply call him instead of asking on his blog, which is kind of tacky. My frame was a little behind but the wait was worth it. Needless to say I called a few times to check up… Maybe I am odd but I felt bad after calling, ira is a great guy who is super busy and will get things done as fast as he can while producing a quality product.

  7. jared fogle Says:

    pssst…listen, CAN i get a sandwich here? load it up with lots of pastrami, pepperoni, cheeses of all kinds, and mayo. LOTS of mayo.
    i’ll send someone by to pick it up.
    and keep it quiet, okay?
    gimme some chips and cookies, too.

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