long time…………

…………..no post.i have been busy trying to cram a week’s worth of work into 3 days this last week before i head to LA for 4 days to do a Rapha ride in the unseasonal rain and “cold.” i have received a bunch of calls from people from all over the country about the flooding and rain in the northwest. this added another element to the rigors of bicycle commuting this last week but unlike the cars that were stalling out in the water all over the region, i dug out my old motorcycle yellow plastic pants to ride to the shop in the pouring rain. i never mind working 12 hour days when the weather is like this outside. hot tea and some new music and i could hole up and crank out some work for days. alas, my wait list is growing faster than i can work i the rainy months that are enveloping us all in the city of bridges and bicycles. currently working on a handful of rando bikes with front racks, fenders, lights and all the trimmings. it seems like this type of bike is growing in popularity. i also just finished an off road touring bike for jerdan in Portland who is one of the greatest cycling characters in the Portland cycling world. should  be off to paint this week. in the last week i picked up a couple of beautifully painted frames from class act and coat in town. i promise to post pictures next week as i start the building up process. so many promises. looking forward to riding in and around LA for a couple days.even if it is rainy.hell it’s warmer than Portland.   


3 Responses to “long time…………”

  1. Ari Says:

    People are looking for bikes they can use and that is why you are so busy. Bless your hands. Hope you can escape the rain for a break. Sycamore is just freezing and the gravel is a sheet of ice. I have been riding with studded tires. Man, dem things are sooo heavy. The Rapha thing is great and hopefully it will inspire people to see different aspects of cycling

  2. Robert Says:

    Hey Ira,

    Get outta town and get some much needed down time from the grind and those flux fumes. It is too easy to hole up in the dungeon crankin out projects for way too many hours. I think there is a darn good reason that folks are lusting after rando bikes – they make too much sense and appeal to to our yearnings to wander on something that is a nice blend of comfort and performance. Have a safe trip in the jungle.


  3. Murray Says:


    Love reading your blog. After checking out the Rapha site about the Continental team, I have a component question for you. Just wondering what kind of bottle cage you use on your bike. Thanks and happy riding.

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