so it’s come to this…..

Classic Iowa

Originally uploaded by gpickle.

kim west in iowa city racing single speed cross on his vintage Ralph cross bike. gettum k.w.!

so the recap from my long weekend in Seattle goes like this. Rachel and i took the train up on Thurs morning and made it safe and sound with a pumpkin and a pecan pie in our possession. we ate too much good food and maybe drank a little too much wine but had a rad time with friends. Friday we woke up and went for a little ride around mercer island with all the other cyclists that never seemed to wave or even give a nod to say hi. the sun was out and the air was cold. i always knew Seattle was big but when you have to traverse the whole city to get to the ride, it is really expansive. spent both nights in the vanagon where the temp never got above 35 degrees. urban camping at it’s finest. Saturday morning Aaron was waking me up at 6 am to go on our rapha ride out on the kitsap peninsula. make the ferry just in time to sit and drink coffee for 50 minutes. cold and frosty morning as we rolled west and then south to the tip of the land mass. tons of climbs that never lasted more than a half mile but kept repeating themselves the whole ride. great place to have a road race for sure. by the time we made it all the way home again, it was dark and we had ridden 95 miles. it took about an hour to get from the ferry to Aaron’s house. Seattle is huge.

Monday was back to work and finishing up some bikes to send to paint this week. i feel like i have momentum now that the cold has set in.

this weekend is a big uci race in Portland and you all should come and check it out if you can. hopefully the rain will come and it will be real cross weather.


5 Responses to “so it’s come to this…..”

  1. travis Says:

    Hey Ira why have you not posted this link yet? It is a nice write up and getting soft come on. Oh will you be at the trans iowa this year?

  2. bikeiowa Says:

    I understand why you have not posted that link yet Ira. Because you knew your old friends would look at that website and shake their heads and say, “So its come to this…”

  3. the mostly reverend Says:

    so it’s come to this?

    a photo of me, now the poster child of desires and ambitions abondoned,
    traded for a free cycling cap or a mention on a west coast blog?
    and my photo is taken at A JAUNTY MTV-HIPNESS ANGLE??
    how terribly cliched.

    ah, death…where is thy sting?

    i’ll have you know that i tried to compete in my rainbow cinelli hairnet, and was shot down. no respect, i tell ya.

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    maybe someday i’ll have a bike to match.
    did they ever make a ralph skinsuit?

    the ira lycra next will be appearing at cross nationals in kansas city.

  5. mieke Says:

    Er… I took your pies to seattle douchebag!

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