friggin cold

i am getting soft. it has been cold (for portland) the last couple days and i haven’t been motivated to do anything but ride to and from work. caught a little cold last week and i don’t think that helped my already low motivation to do anything but stay in bed. i have been drinking lots of tea and catching up on all the world news on npr while i try to make the most of this short week before thanksgiving. hot news item for the week is oil isn’t getting any cheaper. wonder how long it’ll take to break $100 per barrel? it is amazing to me that the freeway is still a parking lot of single occupancy vehicles during rush hour too. i happily ride my bike past and take a deep breath. i am taking the train to seattle this weekend to ride with the doctor, snak master and greg “i own a coffee shop in hood river that’s for sale” johnson. should be a good time if the 80 miles doesn’t do me in. did i mention, i am getting soft? i remember the glory days when i would ride in iowa when it was 10 degrees out side on my 7 mile ride to school on the gravel. now that was tough.

i am working on a couple rando bikes right now that i am hoping to get to paint in the next couple week as well as a fillet brazed road racing bike for evil ryan. the handmade show is only a couple months away and i haven’t really started my “show” bikes yet. i say “show” bikes because i feel like if i spent 3 months polishing up a lugset or some drop outs for a bike that isn’t a example of what i build, that wouldn’t really be an example of what kind of bikes i build or ride. i am going to put some extra work into them but they are still going to be subtle by some people’s standards. i am o k with that.

good night.


3 Responses to “friggin cold”

  1. travis Says:

    If you want you can come join me for cold weather rides, it has been lower twenties here lately. i am sure i will be doing centuries in sub zero december weather if you need a vacation and want to join in.

  2. Ron Says:

    Hope you feel better.

  3. MtMann Says:

    Some of us really prefer subtle. Keep up the subtly beautiful work – I look forward to seeing what you have for the show.

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