these dogs are a barkin.

busy week leading up to a busier sunday at the show. my sundays are precious to me and it was hard to get up and not go for a ride. i got to the show late and with a barrowed car full of stuff to set up my booth. all in all it was nice to see the masses show up and talk to some really nice folks about bikes and the finer points of cycling. from 10 o’ clock to 6:30 pm i stood and talked bikes. needless to say, i was beat at the end of the day. the show was small enough that i got a chance to step away and check out the other builder’s bikes. elizabeth strong and a couple friends dropped by to hang out and give a hand. e. strong showed up with 3 dozen swallow shaped sugar cookies that didn’t last more than and hour. thanks elizabeth! i brought two bikes and one porteur frame, fork and rack to show. none of these bikes were really blinged out show bikes but rather honest and true representations of what i build and what people actually ride. classic lines and functional design are key to what i do and it was refreshing to see so many people admire what i see as valuable bike features. wendy hadn’t seen her bike all done before the show and she loved it all done and new. some notable features on her bike include, a custom leather mudflap with a swallow on it, custom rear rack to support her panniers and durable but beautiful spectrum powdercoat paint job with pinstripes. the second bike is tommer’s bike that has been built up and ridden for a year. i wanted to show a bike that had a little dirt under it’s fingernails and people loved it. a honest display of what i build, ride and love.
i received the first batch of ira ryan cycles t-shirts last week before the show and sold a bunch along with the rest of my hats. i will be making another batch of hats in the next month and the t-shirts are for sale if you want to drop me a line or email. shirts are $15 and printed on american apparel and the hats will be $20 for a hand screened and handmade cap.
this week should be calmer and back to the work as usual. next saturday, i will be leading a ride to remember brett and the other cyclists that have been hit and killed in the last couple months. the ride will start at 10am on saturday, november 17th at the south park blocks. the plan is to ride by the site where tracy was hit and then make our way up to interstate and greeley where brett was hit. just a little ride to remember those who have died and also why it is important to keep riding in there memory.

2 Responses to “these dogs are a barkin.”

  1. matt Says:

    sorry to have missed the show – it was a busy bike weekend in portland. too wrecked after the race. nice bikes. where do you source your ‘scorcher’ style handlebars and that long reach quill stem? i need both:)

  2. sleepy Says:

    whats up Ira? haven’t talked to you in like 12 years. saw the pics from the show the bikes look great! i’ll see you next saturday. i’m in L.A. right now and it sucks, although i saw a girl in a black dress and UGG boots riding a bike around? maybe theres hope yet.

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