custom lug action!!

crusty top tube lug!

working with some simple short point long shen lugs, i wanted a frenchy look to this bike. i added brass and worked the radius on the lugs to get a good curve. damn, it takes a long time to prep before you even put the pipes into it and silver braze it up. i am happy with the look though.

i have missed the last 2 cross races cause they were too far away to ride to. the single speed race at the halloween cross crusade held a silent lap for brett. matt hall rode brett’s single speed cross bike that matt cardinal built. i am a little sad that i missed the race but i had to work. bike’s aren’t gonna build themselves.

i put up a couple pictures racks that i have built recently but haven’t had a chance to post along with some pics of kenichi’s touring bike that has seen some use in the last year. i heart dirty bikes.

2 Responses to “custom lug action!!”

  1. Patrick Says:

    “Too far to ride to” HUH? Ira, you’re the king of long rides!!!

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    every one’s got an off season.

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