have been distracted from posting anything about the workshop lately but don’t fear, i have been busy filing, mitering, sanding and crafting some really beautiful things lately.

i am looking forward to the oregon handmade bike show on november 11th here in portland. i am looking to have a couple beautiful townie commuters done and built to show before they are ridden out into the big wet world. i have sent out a couple frames to spectrum powdercoaters in colorado and am excited to get them back to check out the quality. i have been impressed with what i have seen so far. racks are in full swing in the shop and i am happy to see people using their bikes and racks everyday. once you go rack, you can’t go back.

i have spent a fair bit of time this week remembering brett and why i ride a bike. take the time to take a deep breath the next time you ride and look around to see how beautiful the world is. there is a memorial monday night at pnca in portland where brett went to school at 6 pm that i am going to. i am putting together a memorial ride for all the deaths in recent months on saturday, november  17th at 10am. the ride will start in the south park blocks and end near the bike gallery on sandy.


One Response to “shop”

  1. william Says:

    Hey there, Just wondering how to get one of those sweet Ira Ryan cycling caps.

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