what kind of bike?

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biggest cross race in the world!!! over 1000 people raced at alpenrose on sunday. i lacked the motivation to race but i did ride out to the race to watch and cheer on matt hall and ricky martin who both raced. with a thermos of tea and a rain jacket i made my way out to the dairy/track/cross race at alpenrose. the cars overflowed the parking lot into the road. rounding the corner was like entering a circus. i feel like a puppy off leash at the first cross race cause i see so many people that i haven’t seen all summer that i want to talk to. the funny thing is you part ways with a “see you next weekend” goodbye. it lasts for 9 weeks during cross and then it is over till racing resumes in the spring. as far as the racing goes, matt had a good race considering that he got back from 2 weeks in latin america last week. the coarse was fast and dry with the cloud threatening to open but holding off till the evening. with so many racers, they were spread out over the whole coarse within 2 laps. madness. i love the idea of cross but lack the motivation to actually race. the rad thing about cross is that all the races are close enough to portland to make it into a great sunday ride out to watch.

been working late at the shop everyday. the grey skies and rain make being dry and warm in the shop extra productive. finished up ari’s portuer and jeff’s cross bike yesterday and looking forward to doug’s rando bike with all the trimmings like racks and lights. i should have a few bikes ready to show in the oregon handmade show in november.
the north american show (also in portland) is less than 120 days away. oh shit!!!!

off to the workshop.


One Response to “what kind of bike?”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Sounds like you could use a hunched back or hunch backed assistant? I am available but not readily, sir!

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