“fixed” trike

fixed trike

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i was filing away in the workshop yesterday when a older couple knocked on the door holding a trike. the trike’s pedals had broken the spot welds holding it to the “hub” causing the wheel to rotate without the pedals moving. they were grandparents who just had a new cement driveway poured and wanted to get the trike fixed (get it, fixed?) so their grandkid could ride on the smooth new concrete. how could i turn down a repair with that sort of story? i couldn’t. i told them i would have it done in a day. a quick and dirty repair but the brass will outlast the rest of the little red trike that was built in china. as i was fixing it up, i recalled when i was 3 visiting my grandmother on the farm in mt. pleasant, iowa. my brother and i would spend our days riding around in circles on the small cement drive way in front of her little brick house. who knows i may have fixed a trike for a future ira ryan cycles customer.

i would like to think so.

3 Responses to ““fixed” trike”

  1. snarkypants Says:

    if that ain’t a sweet story, i don’t know what is.

  2. the mostly reverend Says:

    if you have some frame stickers, you’d make a future ira ryan bike owner and her grandfather VERY happy!!

    need proof? lookie here:

  3. beth h Says:

    Bless your fuzzy little heart.

    My first bike, the thing that turned my head forever, was a rusty blue tricycle the Super brought up from the basement of our Kew Gardens apartment building. He fixed it up and told me it was mine to borrow until I outgrew it, or until we moved out, whichever happened first. The day my knees hit the handlebars was my last day on that trike and I bawled my eyes out.

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