Sings of the changing seasons


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homemade squash soup
increased shop time
gray skies
booties on rides
shorter and less frequent rides
harvest moon rides
shop projects that have been put off all summer
hot tea and files share the work bench
dark on the way to the workshop
dark on the way home from the workshop
drinking more wine
cyclo cross madness

had lunch with CD today and was informed that it is only 120 days until the north american hand built bike show. it has officially snuck up on me. regardless of all the work in the coming months, i am looking forward to having the city of portland host the most bike dork fest of all time. living in this city it is hard to forget how deep and rich the cycling culture is and how that effects the rest of the cycling world. i have been thinking a lot not only about what to bring to the show but also how to really showcase portland outside of the show. bike rides around the city? a tour of coffee shops? some late night escapades? what really says this is the portland experience?

this is what i get to think about all day as i am working on frames. in the works is bob’s touring bike, a mixte commuter for julie, a couple rando bikes with all sorts of sweet details and a road bike for rachel.

thanks for reading and good night.


One Response to “Sings of the changing seasons”

  1. Sean Says:

    If you follow all the hype Zoobomb would define the Portland experience. Personally I think a brewery tour would be the thing to do.

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