team issue

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Rapha team issue!!!

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  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Bout time you got some matte finish crinkly type of background for your photos. Pro!


    How is it that a hip bunch of $200 chamois wearin’ and titanium one-hitter hittin’ riders so in touch with the life’s breath of cycling can roll their epic miles on clinchers?!?!?!?

  2. Craig Says:

    this whole continental thingy is uber-coooool, probably meaning close to something having ‘style’.
    I was with daniel the day of his epic fixie ride on the barlow century…I couldn’t believe he brought that bike and then I couldn’t believe I watched him disappear way in front of me.

  3. ira ryan Says:

    the back drop is my 10 year old tarp that i used to cover me bmw. it that cred?

  4. Darren P Says:

    From the Rapha site: “while mainstream cycling focuses on tasteless gear, plastic bikes and rankings, the Rapha Continental presents truly heroic riders and epic rides, our commitment to the lost art of cycling and to glory through suffering.”

    Question: Why does one branch of cycling need to pump themselves up, i.e. “lost art”, “heroic”, “glory through suffering,” while putting down another branch of cycling, i.e. “tasteless gear, plastic bikes and rankings”?


  5. chicken curry Says:

    (hopefully this didn’t post twice)

    the new style men?

    answer to derwood- because cycling is about inflicting as much pain and misery as possible to one’s rivals while receiving the same in return. because cycling is a sisyphean activity at best and pure existential pain at worst. and if you’re the best, you get a jersey you can never wear (you make replicas to wear) or a trophy made out of a rock.

  6. Darren P Says:

    Chicken Curry,

    Pain and misery is burying your own child. What you describe is fun and games with trusted friends. It’s what you do on your day off because your life is so good you don’t even realize it. With no disrespect to the Ira feature, the Rapha site is selling a brand by tying it to a fashionable lifestyle. The images are there to invoke a response that makes you open your wallet. It’s the same thing as Apple, Starbucks, Trek, Nascar, you name it. So go ahead, grab on, get in before the crowd figures it out. Enjoy it now, its sure to lose its cool when it hits mainstream.

  7. bikeiowa Says:

    Holy shit, Chicken Curry is even more jaded than I am!

    Imagine how that poor curried chicken must have felt…

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