5:30 am, saturday

pacenti drop outs

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

i am up any out the door to the shop to finish up a couple things so i can go to cycle oregon and represent ira ryan cycles to the masses. finished building up joe staples winter training fixie and handed it off to him last night. i got some pictures prior to delivery. super sexy clean. makes me want to ride a fixie again……..nah. look for the rapha team out on the roads of central oregon and drop by and say hi.


2 Responses to “5:30 am, saturday”

  1. Robert Says:

    Hey Ira,

    Nice blue machine. Been riding on “Le Orange” every night now after work, can’t imagine what a day ride would feel like. Something special about not quite being able to see the road/path ahead clearly but being cool about rolling forward on pure faith. Came across 5 (yes 5) smallish skunks on the path next to the warehouse where the skater chicks are training for rollerderby (Oaks Bottom). Didn’t know what to do, goin too fast to stop, they all had their tails hiked for blasting me, so I faked left and went right and escaped without getting tagged. Its good out here right now, folks off to Cycle Oregon today, 200K Rando going on out of Bend, Belmont Street Fair all day, Lots of skinny knobbies out and about as folks are dusting off their cyclo-cross machines (ouch did that part rust since last winter-it is supposed to be stainless??) Bruce called and told me that he ran the carbon bike I built him into the top of his garage when he forgot the bike was on the roof rak. Snapped the steerer tube right off but didn’t kill the head tube? Checked it out, just surface cracks in the clear coat, so performed a blessing and told him to ride Cycle ORegon on it. He is going to stop by and say hi to you if he can track you down at the builders booth and pry you away from the worshippers. Read the Rapha link, decided I didn’t qualify for status, maybe not europunk enough, I am more Paris-Dakar with fatter tires and getting lost regularly and standing around clueless eating stuff that I have no idea what it is which is why the “Le Orange” bike with the not yet arrived over-priced Frenchy bags rocks. Maybe the DNA to get soggy and suffer at a slower speed is all I can muster up. I think I will form my own team called “Bean Team” after coffee bean and Mr. Bean, two things any self depreciating cyclist with mismatched soks can relate to. Oh yeah, thanks again for this amazing bike, I am not worthy which makes it that much more special every time I climb on., The car hasn’t been driven much the last two weeks, so maybe I have finally crossed the threshold? Oh yeah Climaldi says his from Honolulu, he is going to start a series over there and call it “Jungle Cross”, sounds fun. Braze on…gotta go.



  2. bikeiowa Says:

    Good looking bike Ira, sorry I missed your call today, have fun at cycle oregon and I will talk with you soon, I hope!


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