file marks

Ah, the carnage. I am healing slowly from repeated falls on the same arm but it doesn’t seem to affect my ability to file and braze in the shop. i have been capitalizing on the cooler weather to hide out in the shop and some how be focused and productive. I love having a milling machine.  I think in a month or so i will get a actual anvil tube mitering fixture to take all the complicated set up out of the equation. i am all about working smarter and not harder. Is that age talking? I am pretty sure that is the same voice that tells me that racing in crits is stupid and dangerous. I have selective hearing sometimes. Glad to hear that G. Steve Pickle and Cody made it back to Iowa in one piece and are back in the swing of things. I already miss them.

Work load looks like a tall touring bike, all day cross bike, a couple racks at the same time and 2 rando frames next. I will be building another 26 inch wheeled mixte frame that i am very excited about. I just built up Robert’s orange rando bike that turned out great. i think it will be on Cycle Oregon this year.

Had coffee with Matt Hall yesterday and talked a lot about cyclo cross and racing. Very exciting as it seems every one and their mother is in full on training mode for the cross season. Personally, I feel cross doesn’t start till the weather turns super shitty but I can understand wanting to have a solid base of fitness from racing all summer long.

ride bikes, get muddy!


4 Responses to “file marks”

  1. Bob Says:

    Tall touring bike eh? I like the sound of that!!

  2. travis Says:

    Mmm rando bikes. Ira your geometry is spot on in the rando department, my bike rides like a dream loaded and non loaded. I have fallen so in love with this bike the others are getting no love besides the work ride.

  3. Darren P Says:

    Is he inflating his glove or using it to insulate his brew?

  4. ira ryan Says:

    it’s the make shift messenger beer coozie for the go anywhere beer garden.

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