coastal tour 07.

pickle n cody on spring hill road

Originally uploaded by iraryancycles.

so i closed up shop and turned off the phone for 3 days to ride to the coast with g. pickle and cody who are visiting from iowa city, iowa. it was f-in awesome! we took the train out of town and rode from hillsboro to forest grove and then south toward the coast. if anyone is interested in a quiet route to the oregon coast, take the nestucca river road from carlton to beaver south of tillamook. we camped half way out to the coast but we only saw 6 cars the entire length of the road. the views were great too. we made it out to oceanside to a little beach cabin around 1 pm the second day which gave us plenty of time to explore the beach before falling asleep to the sound of the waves. the 3rd day was a stretcher from oceanside to portland. g. pickle and cody were borrowing the tandem and it wasn’t exactly the touring machine, but we made due. the pace was super mellow tour speed which was fantastic. we made it back to portland in time for me to start panicking about blowing off work for three days. i think the europeans have it figured out with the holidays. now i want to tour more!!!!


4 Responses to “coastal tour 07.”

  1. Darren P Says:

    Warning to all tandem couples: “Where ever your relationship is headed, a tandem will get you there faster”. Or something to that effect.

    Looks like you had nice weather, Ira.

  2. the mostly reverend Says:

    hey, are pickle and cody still there?
    is it too late to get a cap, too. to go with the skinsuit?
    sorry i didn’t read about them sooner, but, um, i’ve been busy?
    does that sound too lame?

  3. Pablo Says:

    Hey Ira,

    We came across you right at the top of the coast range on Saturday. My friend Kurt was wearing the Woodlawn Velo wool jersey. Great ride… yes?!?!

    I had done it like 10 years ago. Now I want to do it every year. We stayed at a rental in Pacific City, which is 13 miles from Beaver. Turn off at Cloverdal towards Woods and you only have to ride on Highway 101 for a few miles.

    Paul Laak
    aka Pablo

  4. the mostly reverend Says:

    i like that you got into the picture, too, ira.
    very hitchcock-esque.

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