orange ya’ glad it’s custom

simple crown

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working on putting together robert’s rando bike this week since i got it back from paint. simple, orange with front rack action. working around the front brake was a little tricky but it all worked out really clean. also, received another batch of hats from little package. beautiful twill!! light green, off white with brown birds and ira ryan cycles. thanks caroline. they are $20 each and going fast. g. pickle and cody are in portland for a week so i have been spending a lot of evening catching up with them and even a couple rides with the colonel too. cody had the zine symposium this last weekend so she was all zined out by sunday. we are riding out to the coast to camp for a night or two. i really haven’t been camping in a year or so. i am looking forward to it. the rest of the week is all about work and then cyclo cross is right around the corner. go matt hall!!

3 Responses to “orange ya’ glad it’s custom”

  1. ricky Says:

    save me a hat IRA!

  2. Robert Says:


    Ok, way too many months of foreplay! I really need to get aquainted with the Orange Bike! I am in the process of breaking up with my old bike and want to get on with the new relationship.

    Oh yeah, save me a hat too.

    Hey Ricky, you should have done RAO, you would have kicked butt teamed up with the Spurgeonmeister (half the miles-twice the fun at a higher speed than solo), maybe next year?


  3. ricky Says:

    yeah maybe…..i think i’m going to do fireweed 400, rao- not sure yet, going to train with bill nicoli this winter. going to get him ready for his own rao solo. i’ll work my way up for RAAM in 2009!

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