dixie touring rig and summer slumps

seat lug

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the sun is shining and everyone’s outside. somehow i am able to go to work and crank out bikes, ride on the weekends, and stay on top of it all. i have to admit that i have been slacking on the correspondence and blog world. i have a theory that once you have lived in portland for a number of years, you start to get depressed in the middle of summer from all the sun. the tan and the blue skies are so depressing. what happened to the epic drizzle and grey clouds that make you want to ride all day long.

maybe i need my head checked but i miss the fall weather. it’s ok cause cross is right around the corner. ah, bells and beer tents. mud and skinsuits. the murmur is already in the air as people are starting to train shorter and faster. fall is good for some bike touring too.

g pickle and cody are in nevada on the train on their way to portland right now. they are gonna be in portland for a couple weeks to sample the best cycling culture in the u.s. and check out the zine scene over the weekend. i can’t wait. some bike rides, some coffee drinking and some shop time.

on the chopping block are a handfull of racks and the usual frame back log. everytime i go to the powdercoaters lately i have a pile of stuff to drop off and pick up. it feels good to have things keep moving.
the dixie touring bike is fresh outta paint and just got built up by verg over at revolver bicycles for barry who is a fellow iowan. the idea is to have a fixie with a double fixed cog and a double chainring to have two gears. simple, black powdercoat with lights and fenders. the tubus racks are on there way.

last night i went to dan sharp’s 1st thursday photo show in the pearl. aside from all the lip gloss and hummers, it was good to get out and see some art. dan’s photos were all taken in italy while he lived there a couple years ago.

lastly, the new justin timberlake cd is good but i just don’t think it holds up to the micheal jackson-esk sound of “justified.”

2 Responses to “dixie touring rig and summer slumps”

  1. Craig Says:

    wow, nice bikes you’re turning out Ira… very nice!

  2. Sean Says:

    Living in Phoenix was great for me as far as biking was concerned but this Portland native needs those grey skies to function. Not quite the Rose City but I think Seattle will fit the bill just fine.

    Beautiful bike BTW.

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