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i think i am suffering from writer’s block, or maybe i am just too busy to think about something smart and sassy to write about. the shop is super busy and i seem to be cranking out bikes and racks faster but it is hard to be in a basement when it’s sunny and warm outside. i have noticed that all the frame building lists are slow this time of year too. you gotta ride what you build. i am finishing a couple racks and have 3 frames to take to paint tomorrow. going to the paint shop is always a epic trip as it is on the other side of town. always worth it though.

3 Responses to “redefining……………..something”

  1. Darren P Says:

    An old trick is to write about why you don’t feel like writing. On the other hand, I’d be more concerned if I were writing alot and wondering why I wasn’t building bikes. Build your business and write about that. The blog is to support your company and brand. Leave smart and sassy to the bloggers with less talent.

  2. Nick Says:

    Hey, Ira, lookin’ smooth, here’s that blog i told you about…. I linked over to you. Enjoy some music man.

  3. Nick Says:

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