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so i have received a number of calls and emails about the bike theft in the bike shop and i need to say that the cycling community is so big and genuinely concerned about the well being of the bike industry. i should clarify the situation that i lease shop space in the basement of weir’s cyclery. last week the bike shop was broken into upstairs but the thieves never even came downstairs to my shop at all. if they had, i am pretty sure they wouldn’t care about a couple rusty bicycle frames or a bunch of dirty frame building jigs. the thieves also never ventured upstairs to the bike shop office. they were clearly only interested in the shinny bikes that could be sold easily. police did catch one of the thieves and repoed 10 of the 14 bikes and a bunch of the stolen accessories. i am happy that nothing happened to my shop but i still think bike thieves are the lost form of life in modern culture.

thanks for all the support.



2 Responses to “shop update”

  1. snarkypants Says:

    Great to hear that you weren’t hit during the robbery. Bike thieves make my blood boil.

    I love your blog, by the way. I looked it up after my boyfriend reported that he’d ridden a large chunk of a recent century with you (Barlow).


  2. militantcyclist Says:

    Hey, i randomly found your blog and its great. I used to live out there and a friend of mine rides one of your machines…good stuff. Just wanted to say whats up. Anyway, my brother is moving to portland for work and ive been talking in his ear about buying one of your bikes when he gets there…

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